Put Some ‘Wu’ In Your Nails

The JASON WU Collection by CND

Jason Wu’s highly anticipated limited edition nail polish collection for CND is finally available for pre-order. Since the announcement last fall, just like you, I too have been waiting for its launch with baited breath. Created to compliment his Spring 2011 Collection, Wu talked about his very first collaboration of a nail polish collection during  New York Fashion Week,  “[e]very season I play with different ways of using color in my collection, so it was a natural choice to collaborate with CND on a capsule of nail colors that reflects my aesthetics.”

Selected looks from Jason Wu Spring 2011 Collection

The colors; Brigitte, a lovely rose, Sophia, a beautiful dark mushroom (also my favorite), Veronica, a “sexy, beet red” with blue undertones and of course Miss Wu, a pretty limestone gray, the designer’s signature color, can all be yours very soon (all orders will ship on May 1). The limited edition set, priced at an incredibly affordable $47, also contains the much hyped about top coat, named Anna, that contains silk fragments to give a tweed-like finish to your nails. I’m not entirely convinced that I would like this effect, particularly on my manicure, but I most definitely want to try it. The spring is the best time to experiment and play around with nail color so don’t wait too long to get your own set. Plus, if you hurry you might be one of the lucky ones to get a top or base coat for free. With dark and light colors, this set is great for all skin tones. I for one can’t wait for mine to arrive. How about you?

Photos courtesy of Style.com and CND.com

Designer Spotlight: B.DeS.

Any girl can wear a mini dress but it takes a special one to rock designer Brittany DeShields’ dresses. Launched in 2008, the self-taught designer’s femme fatale-esque Spring 2011 Collection captures the tough yet feminine, the sexy yet glam side that is difficult to accomplish in most ready to wear dresses. Made for the über confidant and sassy woman, DeShields’ spring collection is full of “look at me” dresses that are right for the modern day woman. It’s perfect for going out at night or channeling Lady Gaga on karaoke nights. Either way, you won’t be lost in the crowd, that’s for sure.

If you want to shake things up this spring these color block minis and retro inspired body suits should be your go-to outfits this season. Even though DeShields is just starting out, her design aesthetic and impeccable tailoring speaks volumes and I’m eager to see what she has in store for us through her clothing line, B.DeS. I’m convinced that it won’t be long before we see her creations on pop icons the likes of Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. To get your own visit: http://www.ilovebdes.com and don’t forget to get daily fashion tweets at @B_DeSClothingCo.


Fashion Spotlight Presents: MTV VMA 2010 Fashion Hits and Misses

The MTV Video Music Awards is never just about the music, and this year was no different.  Here’s a rundown of the best and worst looks that walked the white carpet last night.  Are you bold enough to try any of these looks?

Love ‘em

 Simple suit with unique shoes – always a hit.

 Not her usual colorful self, but somehow this look works on Katy Perry this time.

The classy look offsets the bold color and mature design chosen by the Disney princess.

 Effortlessly cool and sexy – works everytime.

 After countless fashion disasters, Ciara finally gets it right.

And finally… all three of Lady Gaga’s looks are winners in my book.

Lady Gaga arrives in a stunning Alexander McQueen gown and heels.

Accepts a Moonman in a gaga-licious Armani black dress.

And makes us hungry for more in a Franc Fernandez dress. Mmmm meaty…

Hate ’em

Not the icon’s best fashion moment, to say the least.

Too sloppy, even for Dane Cook.

Disappointing look from the usually alluring Ms. Wood.

Miranda Cosgrove tries to make a grown up statement but misses the boat on this one.

I guess it looks pretty good for a dress made out of a trash bag…


 Photos courtesy of MTV.com

Oh! Suzannah

Suzannah Crabb’s smart tailored dresses have women of all ages falling in love with them. Lush Italian fabrics tailored to fit the modern woman, these dresses hit all the rights spots and flatter women in all the right places. With a twist on vintage couture, Suzanna’s dresses are ideal for weddings, cocktails or just for a fun night out. And that’s not all. The best thing about these dresses is that it can be worn from day to night. Every woman needs a dress that can be easily transformed from day to night and vice versa (so you no longer have to worry about your outfit when doing the walk of shame.) And you can dress them up or down depending on your mood and occasion. Based in London, Suzannah Crabb’s fifteen year run in the fashion industry has made her an expert in reading women’s bodies, so it’s no wonder that her dresses and coats are flattering on everyone. That’s very rare for most dresses and the vintage feel makes these pretty dresses charming and timeless. Check out fan favorites Bon Bon Dress and Boulder Shoulder Dress and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Fashion Spotlight Interview with Vicky Tsai, Founder of TATCHA

Vicky Tsai


If you told me that one day I would be able to try a 300-year-old beauty secret of the Japanese geisha’s I would think you were crazy. But lucky for us, Vicky Tsai, the founder of TATCHA is planning to unleash these ancient beauty secrets, one by one. Her first is the must have TATCHA Aburatorigami blotting papers, a product that many have quickly grown love since its launch last year. Vicky Tsai shares some of her own beauty secrets with Fashion Spotlight and helps us understand why modern women don’t always need a glam squad by their side to look beautiful.  

Fashion Spotlight: How did TATCHA come about?  

Vicky Tsai: I inherited my love for all things beauty from my mother who owned a beauty boutique and loves to share time honored Asian beauty secrets.  It wasn’t until I began travelling throughout to Asia as an adult though that I realized the richness and history behind these beauty secrets that I had grown up with and yet taken for granted.  Rediscovering my beauty heritage coincided with the birth of my first child, a daughter, which dramatically changed the way I thought about what I put into and on my body.  My experiences have led me to appreciate a different approach to life and beauty — that less is more.  Today, I am on a humble quest for less.  I yearn for enlightenment, simplicity and authenticity in my life and in my beauty rituals.  TATCHA is my way of sharing things I learn and find along the way.  

FS: What’s the one beauty product every woman must own?  

VT: Aside from TATCHA’s beauty papers (wink wink), I think that every woman looks irresistible with fresh, supple lips.  I used to do the moisturizer / baby toothbrush routine but now use those brilliant little Sara Happ lip scrubs.  So brilliant.  

FS: What’s your favorite place to vacation?  

VT: Kauai is my favorite place on earth because of the beauty of both the landscape and the community.  There’s such a positive energy there that I find grounding and uplifting at the same time.  

FS: Who’s your style icon?  

VT: Mineko Iwasaki, one of Japan’s most celebrated geisha.  She was not only exquisite to behold but the absolute embodiment of her art.  I don’t walk down the streets of San Francisco trying to rock a forty pound kimono, but I draw such inspiration from the geisha’s stylistic artistry.  



FS: What beauty regiments do you live by?  

VT: I live by my cleansing ritual.  If your complexion is flawless, everything else is icing.   

FS: What’s next for your brand? Do you plan on expanding the TATCHA line?  

VT: Absolutely.  Far Eastern beauty secrets date back thousands of years.  I can’t wait to share more with women in the Western World through TATCHA.   

FS: What’s your beauty obsession of the moment?  

VT: Aside from those Sara Happ lip scrubs for irresistibly supple lips, I am obsessed with the butter London Jelly collection.  They are like lip gloss for your nails and can be layered with your favorite nail lacquers to add a new dimension of color – all while being body friendly (a rarity in the nail category).  

Embrace The Color In You

For women of color finding make-up to compliment various skin tones and shades is always a challenge. So as one who has struggled for many years to find that ideal product, I find it my duty to report on new make-up brands that cater to our needs. THEVI Cosmetics  is one such line that provides a wide range of make-up for a variety of multi-ethnic women who love celebrating their diversity and love of color. Created by Thevaki Thambirajah—a fellow Sri Lankan— the line is infused with vibrant colors and shades that brim from her own culture and the multi-ethnic New York community she grew up in. THEVI Cosmetics help celebrate color that is common in many of our cultures and traditions and makes no apology for it. This line allows women to embrace their unique diversity and love of rich color. So go on try this affordable and versatile line of fun and bold make-up and you’ll never look back.

Fashion Spotlight’s 2010 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s day is right around the corner. If you don’t know what to get your mom yet, don’t fret! We’ve got some fresh ideas for that very special lady in your life.  Go ahead… make your mama proud.


  1. NATORI Fragrance  is an exquisite blend of rose petals, jasmine and peony that will touch anyone’s heart. The fragrance also comes in a beautiful bottle that your mom can cherish for years to come. It’s available in two sizes, 50ml for $80 and 100ml for $110 at www.natori.com.
  2. The Mother’s Day Gift Basket from L’Âge De Thé, one of the finest tea companies that specialize in unique hand-blended teas include three delicious classic teas: Earl Grey Crème, a premium black tea flavored with bergamot; Long Island Strawberry, a refreshing flavored green tea with real strawberry pieces; and Almond Cookie Rooibos a naturally caffeine free blend with vanilla undertones, almond slices, and heart shaped sugar sprinkles. If we haven’t got your mouth watering already this ought to do it. Along with these rich teas the gift basket also includes macaroons baked by renowned pastry chef, Damien Herrgott, all for only $40. This will give your mom the perfect excuse to relax and get some much needed time to herself. We bet you agree. 
  3. A travel candle and a mini soap set from Tokyo Milk will help your worker-bee mom relax and take over the board room where ever she goes.
  4. Keep it simple with Simply Silhouettes. Tell your mom how awesome she is with this adorable iPhone skin for only $30. 
  5. Melanie Auld, one of my all-time favorite jewelry designers’ GlamSnake Bracelet would make the perfect gift for your glam mama. Available on http://www.melanieaulddesigns.com for $213.
  6. A tote bag from Rising Tide Fair Trade  for $60 is a complete steal. Not only would this be a thoughtful and useful gift for your mom, it would also help artisans in developing countries support their families.
  7. Jason Wu’s putting a stylish spin on our memories. Now you and your mom can join in with this one-of-a-kind camera for $180.  Enjoy!
  8. Chikara is strength in Japanese and is a clothing collection inspired by women who have undergone breast cancer treatments and surgeries. These gorgeous wraps can be worn by anyone and is stylish at any time. And we can’t think of anyone better to be wearing one than mom’s everywhere. So this Mother’s Day get your mom one of these very special wraps for $150 at www.chikaradesign.com.

T-shirts Fit for a Duke

Reinventing the classic tee with a British charm isn’t all that hard to do. Duke & Winston t-shirts made in Philadelphia but styled with popular old-English sayings (like “Keep Calm and Carry On”), the Union Jack and historical figures such as W.G. Grace (cricket legend) and Winston Churchill do it bloody well. Paying homage to founder Seun Olubodun’s time spent in the United Kingdom and his adorable British bull dog, HRH The Duke that also serves as inspiration (and whose face adorns many of the t-shirts) founded this line with the hopes of bringing refined and practical clothing to men’s fashion, something he thought was lacking in the recent market. Like the name (named partly after HRH the Duke and Winston Churchill who was also widely known as the “British Bulldog”) these tees put a tenacious spin on your regular t-shirt making it a while lot more glam and fashion forward.  With the popularity of these t-shirts growing by the day Olubodun was able to expand his line to launch a casual women’s t-shirt collection and an equally delectable dog’s line that will soon feature trendy leashes, collars, beds and bowls. With a perfect mix of rich and rugged laid back-ness these shirts make a great outfit for a first date or grabbing a drink at your local bar.  Duke & Winston tees are definitely a look you would want to be sporting. HRH the Duke agrees.

Designer Spotlight: Hemma

With a rich history dating back to the reign of Chief Akenten in 17th century Ghana the exquisite Kente cloth was only used to dress royals. But now thanks to Cindy Gaston and Edna Bissoon this rich ethnic fabric is available to you with a modern twist through their elegant contemporary line: Hemma. When Gaston and Bissoon studied abroad in Ghana in spring 2007 they originally had plans of pursuing careers in law and medicine but bitten by the fashion bug and inspired by the beautiful kente textiles the pair decided to partner up and form their own clothing line which was launched in November 2007. The collection, although made from authentic kente woven on handmade wooden looms, is incredibly modern and fresh with structured jackets, corsets and dainty shorts with a bold color palette that will look good on anyone. Kente textiles are definitely one of a kind that each color and pattern incorporated into each garment has its own meaning.

During their time in Ghana the duo also spent their time volunteering as teachers at La Yahoushua, a local middle school. Gaston and Bissoon are so committed to their students that 5% of sales are donated to this middle school. Hemma is available online and also sold at Albertine and Darling boutiques in NYC. Perfect for spring, don’t forget to mix one of these cool prints with a pair of white pants or skirt for that feminine yet posh look.

A Genius Collaboration: John Eshaya and Tom Binns

Statement jewelry pieces have helped liven up multiple outfits and elevated them from looking drab and boring. It’s been the go-to accessory for many and it’s given celebrities and the like instant stand-out style. But now you no longer have to sort through multiple pieces to figure out the right mix and texture. John Eshaya and Tom Binns’ genius collaboration has made it so much easier for us— these classic white tees have been transformed  to already have gorgeous jewelry with a bit of edge, already built in. So now all you have to do is pick your favorite tee and pair it with a great skirt or jeans and you are all set. For moms on the go or for anyone that wants easy access to great fashion, these t-shirts will save you a lot of time and effort.  So take your pick now before they are all sold out.