Fashion Spotlight Presents: MTV VMA 2010 Fashion Hits and Misses

The MTV Video Music Awards is never just about the music, and this year was no different.  Here’s a rundown of the best and worst looks that walked the white carpet last night.  Are you bold enough to try any of these looks?

Love ‘em

 Simple suit with unique shoes – always a hit.

 Not her usual colorful self, but somehow this look works on Katy Perry this time.

The classy look offsets the bold color and mature design chosen by the Disney princess.

 Effortlessly cool and sexy – works everytime.

 After countless fashion disasters, Ciara finally gets it right.

And finally… all three of Lady Gaga’s looks are winners in my book.

Lady Gaga arrives in a stunning Alexander McQueen gown and heels.

Accepts a Moonman in a gaga-licious Armani black dress.

And makes us hungry for more in a Franc Fernandez dress. Mmmm meaty…

Hate ’em

Not the icon’s best fashion moment, to say the least.

Too sloppy, even for Dane Cook.

Disappointing look from the usually alluring Ms. Wood.

Miranda Cosgrove tries to make a grown up statement but misses the boat on this one.

I guess it looks pretty good for a dress made out of a trash bag…


 Photos courtesy of

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