T-shirts Fit for a Duke

Reinventing the classic tee with a British charm isn’t all that hard to do. Duke & Winston t-shirts made in Philadelphia but styled with popular old-English sayings (like “Keep Calm and Carry On”), the Union Jack and historical figures such as W.G. Grace (cricket legend) and Winston Churchill do it bloody well. Paying homage to founder Seun Olubodun’s time spent in the United Kingdom and his adorable British bull dog, HRH The Duke that also serves as inspiration (and whose face adorns many of the t-shirts) founded this line with the hopes of bringing refined and practical clothing to men’s fashion, something he thought was lacking in the recent market. Like the name (named partly after HRH the Duke and Winston Churchill who was also widely known as the “British Bulldog”) these tees put a tenacious spin on your regular t-shirt making it a while lot more glam and fashion forward.  With the popularity of these t-shirts growing by the day Olubodun was able to expand his line to launch a casual women’s t-shirt collection and an equally delectable dog’s line that will soon feature trendy leashes, collars, beds and bowls. With a perfect mix of rich and rugged laid back-ness these shirts make a great outfit for a first date or grabbing a drink at your local bar.  Duke & Winston tees are definitely a look you would want to be sporting. HRH the Duke agrees.

Designer Spotlight: Hemma

With a rich history dating back to the reign of Chief Akenten in 17th century Ghana the exquisite Kente cloth was only used to dress royals. But now thanks to Cindy Gaston and Edna Bissoon this rich ethnic fabric is available to you with a modern twist through their elegant contemporary line: Hemma. When Gaston and Bissoon studied abroad in Ghana in spring 2007 they originally had plans of pursuing careers in law and medicine but bitten by the fashion bug and inspired by the beautiful kente textiles the pair decided to partner up and form their own clothing line which was launched in November 2007. The collection, although made from authentic kente woven on handmade wooden looms, is incredibly modern and fresh with structured jackets, corsets and dainty shorts with a bold color palette that will look good on anyone. Kente textiles are definitely one of a kind that each color and pattern incorporated into each garment has its own meaning.

During their time in Ghana the duo also spent their time volunteering as teachers at La Yahoushua, a local middle school. Gaston and Bissoon are so committed to their students that 5% of sales are donated to this middle school. Hemma is available online and also sold at Albertine and Darling boutiques in NYC. Perfect for spring, don’t forget to mix one of these cool prints with a pair of white pants or skirt for that feminine yet posh look.

A Genius Collaboration: John Eshaya and Tom Binns

Statement jewelry pieces have helped liven up multiple outfits and elevated them from looking drab and boring. It’s been the go-to accessory for many and it’s given celebrities and the like instant stand-out style. But now you no longer have to sort through multiple pieces to figure out the right mix and texture. John Eshaya and Tom Binns’ genius collaboration has made it so much easier for us— these classic white tees have been transformed  to already have gorgeous jewelry with a bit of edge, already built in. So now all you have to do is pick your favorite tee and pair it with a great skirt or jeans and you are all set. For moms on the go or for anyone that wants easy access to great fashion, these t-shirts will save you a lot of time and effort.  So take your pick now before they are all sold out.  


The TY KU Taste

What do Jay-Z, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Ne-Yo, Kid Rock, and Stacie Keibler have in common besides being rich and fabulous? They all sip on the ultra-delicious TY KU when they are out and about Hollywoodland.  A premium Sake and Soju liqueur brand, TY KU is the newest beverage to hit Hollywood and stimulate our taste buds. It’s so smooth and affordable— all bottles are under $40 and the best part is that it’s less than 100 calories. It makes such a great alternative to vodka and gin. Soon, you’ll be mixing all your TY KU-tinis in your own kitchen and you don’t even have to feel guilty drinking it all.


From Japan with Love

TATCHA Aburatorigami blotting papers is as unique as its history.  Made from the same products used 300 years ago in imperial Japan and the hidden beauty secret of geishas, these blotting papers are the perfect de-shining solution for all skin types.  Made out of abaca leaf with a lattice weave these blotting papers manage to keep your skin fresh and soft without leaving any powdery residue. One sheet is perfectly sized to be used on your whole face so now you no longer have to go through multiple sheets or even packs each day.  If your skin is as oily as mine, it’s an essential carry-on and the beautiful packaging is a plus you’ll love.

Make a Date with Zac Posen


Every look in Zac Posen’s luxe for less line launching at Target this April 25th is a fabulous must-have.  Filled with flirty feminine dresses, swimsuits and coats in bright colors, this clothing line may just be one of the hottest dressed-for-less lines available this year.  So save your money and memorize the looks you want (or all of them), and get your running shoes warmed up and ready to hit a Target store near you. But  remember, I got dibs on the adorable yellow raincoat.

Designer Spotlight: Catherine Angiel

What do you get when you fuse rock with fashion? The badass sophisticated jewelry line from Catherine Angiel. A staple on the red carpet, Catherine has a loyal celebrity following that includes Lindsay Lohan, Pete Wentz, Ethan Hawke, Courtney Cox-Arquette, Paul Rudd, Felicity Huffman, Cheryl Crow, Candace Bushnell, and many more. Catherine’s designs have an alluring effect —  the unconventional materials like the black and raw cut diamonds used in her designs and the inspiration she draws from tattoos and graffiti can be widely seen in her eclectic creations.  In fact, her jewelry is so popular it can be seen in the Indie film, The Guitar and you are bound to find one of her bold designs featured in the newest issue of Marie Claire magazine.

Catherine Angiel

Catherine has been a designer for a very long time, but it’s all her unique inspirations and love for music (and banging out beats on her drums), that help her craft these incredibly modern and bold designs that catch eyes everywhere. Currently she has six collections and they range from Dangerous to Delicate to Glam. These beautiful pieces all tap into a part of Catherine’s unique personality and you can see the passion and thought behind the collections.  My favorite pieces are the black rose cut diamond ‘glam’ ring, the diamond briolette ‘waterfall’ earrings and  the black rose cut diamond ‘journey’ necklace. Everyone needs a chic statement piece to complete their wardrobe. If you want to be something more than a bit daring check out Catherine Angiel’s jewelry — you won’t be disappointed.