T-shirts Fit for a Duke

Reinventing the classic tee with a British charm isn’t all that hard to do. Duke & Winston t-shirts made in Philadelphia but styled with popular old-English sayings (like “Keep Calm and Carry On”), the Union Jack and historical figures such as W.G. Grace (cricket legend) and Winston Churchill do it bloody well. Paying homage to founder Seun Olubodun’s time spent in the United Kingdom and his adorable British bull dog, HRH The Duke that also serves as inspiration (and whose face adorns many of the t-shirts) founded this line with the hopes of bringing refined and practical clothing to men’s fashion, something he thought was lacking in the recent market. Like the name (named partly after HRH the Duke and Winston Churchill who was also widely known as the “British Bulldog”) these tees put a tenacious spin on your regular t-shirt making it a while lot more glam and fashion forward.  With the popularity of these t-shirts growing by the day Olubodun was able to expand his line to launch a casual women’s t-shirt collection and an equally delectable dog’s line that will soon feature trendy leashes, collars, beds and bowls. With a perfect mix of rich and rugged laid back-ness these shirts make a great outfit for a first date or grabbing a drink at your local bar.  Duke & Winston tees are definitely a look you would want to be sporting. HRH the Duke agrees.

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