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Designer Spotlight: Hemma

With a rich history dating back to the reign of Chief Akenten in 17th century Ghana the exquisite Kente cloth was only used to dress royals. But now thanks to Cindy Gaston and Edna Bissoon this rich ethnic fabric is available to you with a modern twist through their elegant contemporary line: Hemma. When Gaston and Bissoon studied abroad in Ghana in spring 2007 they originally had plans of pursuing careers in law and medicine but bitten by the fashion bug and inspired by the beautiful kente textiles the pair decided to partner up and form their own clothing line which was launched in November 2007. The collection, although made from authentic kente woven on handmade wooden looms, is incredibly modern and fresh with structured jackets, corsets and dainty shorts with a bold color palette that will look good on anyone. Kente textiles are definitely one of a kind that each color and pattern incorporated into each garment has its own meaning.

During their time in Ghana the duo also spent their time volunteering as teachers at La Yahoushua, a local middle school. Gaston and Bissoon are so committed to their students that 5% of sales are donated to this middle school. Hemma is available online and also sold at Albertine and Darling boutiques in NYC. Perfect for spring, don’t forget to mix one of these cool prints with a pair of white pants or skirt for that feminine yet posh look.