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Designer Spotlight: Rosena Sammi

Like many of you, I too had a number of weddings, parties and various other gatherings to attend this summer. The hardest part— believe it or not—was not to sit through another nauseatingly romantic wedding or an inspirational speech from yet another do-gooder-starlet; it was to find another outfit that fits these so-called original wedding themes and posh charity soirées.  As much as I wanted to experiment with beautiful summer shades, I inevitably had to resort to every girl’s foolproof outfit— the little black dress.  On more than one occasion, my attempts at making my black dress stand out failed miserably.  No combination worked. Not even wearing shoes of a different color (something that was suggested to me on more than one occasion), which is so last year!  After all, I wasn’t at a stuffy black-tie or a cheesy summer dance, I was either at a happy occasion celebrating a couple’s love for one another or a fun yet classy summer shindig— neither occasion called for a plain, boring, been there-seen that black dress. And that’s when Rosena Sammi’s stunning jewelry designs transformed my dress giving it that perfect look. The jewelry added just the right amount of color with a touch of rich elegance —something you don’t find too often in today’s designs.




Sammi, unlike other designers had already chosen her career path in life before she had her calling. After working as an attorney in New Zealand where she grew up, Sammi’s internal design clock went off the moment she arrived to work at another law firm in New York. This time however, she was in the right place. Taking night classes at Parsons School of Design, attending a variety of jewelry trade shows and working closely with expert jewelry artisans in New York and India, Sammi quickly learnt the tricks of her trade and became what she has always wanted— a jewelry designer. And an amazing one at that!Combining her love of Indian history and jewelry, Sammi’s collections are inspired by the Royal Courts of India and her designs, reminiscent of these traditional Indian elements are spiced with her own modern take. So it’s no wonder that the fashion world is buzzing about these one-of-a-kind jewelry designs since its debut collection in 2005. Sammi’s jewelry is also adorned with the best stones from Jaipur in India and is inspired by her many exotic travels and the rich history of this beautiful nation. Clearly the Rosena Sammi collection is worth an investment — no matter which season or occasion there is a piece of beautifully crafted jewelry that is perfect for you. If I can’t convince you to take a look , maybe these gorgeous and timeless pieces can.



Andrea Brueckner — The New It Girl


Andrea Brueckner has quickly made a name for herself in the fashion world. This of course, is no surprise to those of you who are already familiar with Brueckner’s stunning and impeccably designed handbag collections. With Hollywood A-listers such as Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba toting her designs, Brueckner quickly had the rest of us lusting after her bags as well. For this Holiday season, it’s not much different — Brueckner does what she does best — creates incredibly beautiful handbags that are bound to make us go gaga all over again.


Brueckner’s designs, as always depict incredible detailing and construction, something that is reminiscent from her days of working with menswear tailor Craig Robinson.  Brueckner also uses the tailoring, form and pattern making skills she garnered at the Fashion Institute of Technology most extensively to date, in this particular collection.  The Aspen Lock Laser Cut Black and Gold Day to Evening bags are not just swoon worthy but also highlight her incredible talent and versatility as a designer.



The Aspen Lock Attache Embossed Croc Clutch in red and black are my other favorites in this line. Trendy yet classic, they are ideal clutches to accompany us on a night out. With the practical individual in mind, Brueckner also includes the popular Cardiff Satchel, this time in python to the Holiday collection.  Whether you are going to the gym or away on vacation, the Cardiff Satchel makes a convenient and stylish choice for an everyday bag. Brueckner is such an exciting designer — she always has a surprise or two up her sleeve and every season manages to incorporate her innovating vision to suit the style of every bagista in town. To get additional information on the Holiday 2008 collection and to shop Brueckner’s Summer and Fall lines please visit her website.