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Pure Clothes For The New Generation



Everything about PurePlay Clothing is real. Even their advertising features real people instead of models. Consistent with the theme of ‘change’ that has spread not only across our nation but the world, this simple, yet innovative line of casual wear attempts to reinvent the plain old “sweatshirt.” With a patent pending recycled fabric called Eco-Logic Fabricä creating every item in their clothing line, PurePlay has just begun to reach new heights and transform everyday fashion.  Their message “Clothes for the ReGeneration” is a belief of creating “green” clothing that will benefit the world — one person at a time. In these challenging times, it’s important to make conscious choices and that includes our wardrobe, even if it’s just a t-shirt.


With over four million tons of textile waste polluting our environment each day, the need for accessible eco-friendly clothing has been crucial. And finally we have an answer. PurePlay is not just another clothing line.  It stands for a belief system that we all should have adopted a long time ago. Made with 70% recycled cotton scraps from clothing production, PurePlay garments require no additional cotton growth to manufacture their apparel. Instead, they reuse discarded scraps (sorting them by color, breaking them down to fiber form and re-spinning them into colored yarn) to create new clothing. This saves natural resources that would have otherwise been used to grow more cotton for production. It also reduces the use of chemicals, water and landfill usage and consumes less energy during production. That’s a lot— especially for an everyday clothing line. A study conducted by the Environmental Studies department at Yale continues to help better their manufacturing process and PurePlay is committed to improving their already superior garments. So now we all know what to get ourselves the next time we go shopping.





It seems that we spend a great deal of our time doing nothing but engaging in activities that are purely for our enjoyment. The 2007 American Time Use Survey conducted by the Department of Labor concludes that on an average workday, employed persons between the ages of 25-54 with children under 18 spend 7.6 hours sleeping and about 6.5 hours doing a variety of other activities that include eating and drinking, leisure and sports activities among others. Americans age 15 and over sleep about 8.6 hours and spend over 9.8 hours doing similar activities such as eating,  shopping and leisure and sports activities. Now we can enjoy ourselves and still do some good by investing in PurePlay’s eco-friendly apparel. Take a look at the PurePlay Fall and Holiday collections and you’ll see that it’s not just another boring t-shirt or sweater. PurePlay is transforming classic American style and if you help spread the word, you’ll be a part of something big, one sweatshirt at a time.




Designer Spotlight: Be. True with Gin Bartlett

Gin Bartlett’s designs are one of a kind. Literally. As each piece is hand made with the finest precious and semi-precious stones and metals, no two pieces are alike.  But what’s even more unique is Gin’s newest jewelry collection, “Be” and her “Go Green” campaign.  Inspired by Shakespeare’s “To thy own self be true and it follows, like the night the day, you can’t be false to any man,” Gin believes in making a difference and giving back through her creations for Be. True.


The “Be” campaign consists of a Signature Recycled Tag Necklace with a Black Diamond and a Cuff Bracelet with the word “be” carved out. Proceeds from these products are donated to a different charity or non-profit organization each month. So if there’s a particular cause close to your heart, do let the staff of Be. True know — they would be more than happy to make a donation in your name.



Being green is also on the top of Gin’s “to do” list. By using eco-friendly jewelry making processes such as recycled and sustainable gold and silver metals and chains, not only is Gin spreading the importance of being green, she is also enabling everyone to know that you can do good while being stylish and fashionable at the same time. It is with this in mind, Gin created the “Go Green” necklace where a portion of the proceeds is given to the Earth Day Network. Gin is also extremely committed to this cause by using recycled wood for workstations, Energy Star bulbs in her studio, 100% recycled paper and shipping boxes as well as human-friendly stones in all her designs.








Take a look at some of Gin’s latest designs for Be. True and take a stand to help her cause. She’s serious about being stylish and green. Are you?