Beauty Tidbits: 3 Things You Need Right Now

Cover it up

My life long search for the perfect foundation has finally come to an end. Cover FX has come to my rescue.  I’ve never found the perfect shade for my skin tone and rarely does cream foundation look anything but fresh on my skin. Cover FX foundation makes my skin look radiant and dewy, even after a long night of partying that my friends actually thought I was pregnant! If you have dark skin like I do, try one of their shades— it’s bound to enhance your natural glow and make you look fresh all day long.

Armed and Fabulous

A lip gloss with a built in date-rape drug detection kit—now, that’s not something you hear every day.  2 Love My Lips is a two-in-one lip plumping, breath freshening lip gloss available in five different shades. But that’s not all— if any of these pretty hues come into contact with even a drop of a contaminated drink it will turn a darker blue color. It’s a safe and fun product—again, not something you here often so next time you want to invest in a lip gloss give this one a try. It just might be that one item you can’t—shouldn’t—leave home without.



Poolside Color

Winter blues got you down? Get some color on your hands and toes with the incredibly cheery China Glaze Poolside nail polish color palette. These warm neon colors will help you smile and brighten even the gloomiest of days and you won’t need a pool party to help lift your mood.

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