Fashion Spotlight Interview with Jacqueline Rose of Lamixx

Every girl needs a classic white tee or a sexy-slash-girl-next-door-slash-killer cocktail dress to complete her wardrobe. Lamixx, a new vintage inspired label offers an über-chic take on such styles that’s playful, comfy and affordable in today’s economy. After a short hiatus, Fashion Spotlight lured the talented Jacqueline Rose of Lamixx away from her busy schedule to chat about her inspirations and just what exactly makes Lamixx too-cool-for-school.


Fashion Spotlight: How did you come up with the name Lamixx for your line?

Jacqueline Rose: Through a conversation with my mom. She said something that sounded like it and I thought it sounded unique. So I blended “La “ and  “mixx” and it was made.  Pronounced in one word Lamixx (lah-mix)

FS: Your designs are very simple and chic. What inspires you?

7th ave effortless fold-over sleeve harem jumpsuit, $48

7th ave effortless fold-over sleeve harem jumpsuit, $48

JR: Inspiration comes from everywhere, I always stay open minded to everything that comes through my life.  Life at times can be overwhelming so when I design it gives me the opportunity to bring simplistic, natural, unique cuts and styles to life.

FS: Who is the ideal Lamixx customer?

JR: I would say the Lamixx customer is everyone and anyone who stays true to themselves, and is not defined by the world but redefines herself. Lamixx clothing represents a timeless and effortless look, it is for the girl who is on the journey of life and is looking forward.

FS: I adore the Boy-Friend Top you designed. What’s your favorite piece in the collection?

Vintage Inspired Wool Flap Dress, $62

Vintage Inspired Wool Flap Dress, $62

JR: Thank you, I would have to say the wool flap dress.  I love the wool flap dress because it’s cute, sexy, vintage inspired, and unique all wrapped into one.

FS: What is your design process?

JR: The Lamixx process of design was to use natural breath taking colors, unique cuts, and classic vintage inspiration with a touch of modern.

FS: What’s next for Lamixx and you as a designer?

JR: Only time can tell, but with lots of hard work and dedication, I am looking forward to lots of inspiration and some unforgettable looks.

FS: What’s it like to be an up and coming designer in this economy?

JR: It’s definitely a challenge in these times, but sometimes during hard times great things come out of it. Expect the unexpected…

FS: If you weren’t a designer what would you be?

JR: I would have to say a teacher or counselor of some type. I have always had a love to help others and guide others.  It’s a tale of two worlds…but now a day we girls can do it all.

FS: What do you like to do in your free time?

lim ella double contrast fitted dress, $39

lim ella double contrast fitted dress, $39

JR: Love to travel, drink coffee and just relax, read a book or magazine, take a bike ride or jog. The list can go on… only if there was more free time.

FS: Which celebrity would you like to see wearing your designs?

JR: It’s hard to narrow down but my pick would be Angelina Jolie.  Classy and in a league of her own.

FS: What is your personal style?

JR: My style goes hand in hand with Lamixx style.  Classic, chic, comfortable, wearable, effortless, timeless, vintage inspired mixed with modern.

FS: What is the one fashion item you can’t part with?

JR:’s hard to narrow it down.  I would have to say the low v-neck, basics for me go along way.

Sexy Boyfriend Sheer Buttonup Top, $58

Sexy Boyfriend Sheer Buttonup Top, $58

FS: What in your opinion is every girl’s must-have fashion accessory?

JR: Must have accessory would have to be the piece that gives her the extra smile when she’s getting ready.  For me that would be hoop earrings, I never leave without.

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