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Elizabeth Gillett Designs

Elizabeth Gillett Designs


It might be sunny in other parts of the world but unfortunately it’s still a bit chilly in good old NYC.  If you are looking for an alternative to your spring jacket say hello to Elizabeth Gillett scarves — a stylish and versatile option that can be worn with any outfit in any weather. Spring’s hottest accessory, Elizabeth Gillett scarves, wraps and shrugs are made out of beautiful chiffons, velvets, and Chantilly laces with delicate detailing.

Elizabeth Gillett who started designing after losing her favorite scarf is an accomplished designer, artist and printmaker. She has recieved a number of accolades for her innovative design techniques including a United States patent for a specially designed scarf featuring an operational flower closure. Want to get your hands on some of her fabulous designs? Shop now  and choose over a variety of styles and colors. There’s even a dainty wrap for special occassions such as weddings and proms. Your one stop shop for stylish scarves and cover-ups — Elizabeth Gillett designs are all you need to give your outfit that extra “oomph” and you will no longer be giving anyone the cold shoulder. 


Elizabeth Gillett Designs

Elizabeth Gillett Designs







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