Designer Spotlight: Betty’s Baubles

Whatever your personal style philosophy—“a touch of sparkle” or “bling it on”— Betty’s Baubles has a range of whimsical trend pieces that’s bound to get your attention. A self-taught, 23-year old New Yorker, Kelly Amber Eng’s line of accessories is hand made with a lot of love and dedicated to her mom Betty.


Currently sold on Etsy, it’s hard to believe the ilovebetty store has been around for only a month. The beautiful designs are creating quite a buzz and it’s no surprise—take a look at some of these stunning pieces and you’ll know why.



The Naturale Necklace, $13



Moukaite Earrings, $15



Designed with the “luxe for less” mentality in mind, Betty’s Baubles is affordable (all pieces are under $30!), and appropriate for all. The vintage like pieces are dainty but striking and it’s easy to pair them up with any outfit.  However you wear them, these accessories will compliment and instantly glam up your outfit.  Betty’s Baubles is a versatile line of accessories perfect for the ultimate recessionista—it’s a way to make the right statement that is perfect for you and your wallet. 


I couldn’t help but seize the opportunity to talk to designer Kelly Amber Eng (between her day job as a Marketing Assistant at a leading independent film studio and brainstorming ideas for her gorgeous jewelry line), to find out about her background, her style and her talent for stalking cutesy dogs in NYC.   



Kelly Amber Eng



(For more on this talented young designer, log on to  to follow her progress and design adventures.)



Design Philosophy:


My designs are whimsical and feminine. I try to make pieces that can be worn by anyone anywhere to any occasion. Keeping the jewelry simple, fun and extremely affordable are also key components of my design process.




My mother. Anyone who’s met her will understand why and will see her influence and personality in all of my pieces.


 Quirky Fact:


I’m left-handed and therefore right-brained, which is my excuse for why I’m not very good at desk jobs and always need to be doing something with my hands.


 Ultimate Goal:


To be able to support myself and my family (and my 800 future dogs) with my jewelry. It would be a dream come true if I could open my own little shop in the West Village where I could interact with my customers all day while making jewelry in a little workshop in the back. I’d serve coffee, tea, and homemade treats! I’d also live upstairs with my french bulldog and boyfriend, Chris.




Besides Jewelry Making, which tends to take up most of my free time, I love listening to music, going to concerts, wandering the city/stalking dogs,  reading home design blogs and magazines  (wahh domino!), trying red wines under $10, watching YANKEES baseball and scary movies, and vegging out to SVU marathons.


 Life Philosophy:


I’m not too good at defining my philosophies, so I’ll let the following poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay, which I’ve always loved, do it for me:


First Fig

My candle burns at both ends;

It will not last the night;

But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends—

It gives a lovely light!



Naughty or Nice:


I try to be nice when it matters…I’m not always successful


 Guiltiest Pleasure:


Huge handbags…fried chicken…Oreo milkshakes (sometimes with Absolut Vanilla)…Bloody Marys around the clock…really horrible scary movies…American Idol….


 Dream Client: 


YOU! Honestly, I love designing for anyone who wants something! It’s a dream come true to be able to make someone else happy with my jewelry, I’d just get nervous designing for a celebrity. But it would still be an amazing opportunity.


Must-have Accessory:


BIG EARRINGS. If you don’t own at least one pair of large earrings you are really missing out. Most people don’t realize that large doesn’t always equal gaudy, they add a pop to any outfit and are better than makeup at making you look luminous.


 Favorite piece of your collection:

I can’t choose! They’re my babies! I will say this, right now I’m loving the BOWie ring for a number a reasons –

  1. It’s inspired by the ring my boyfriend gave me
  2. It’s classic and elegant, but also reminiscent of childhood and playing dress-up
  3. It’s made to order! I feel like I’m tying a forget-me-knot on each and every person who orders it!


 BOWie Ring, $10




a sandollar for your thoughts, $12


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