Designer Spotlight: Neunique

simply-blackSophie Blake is not just another name. It is the only name behind Neunique one of the hottest new jewelry lines to make a mark in the industry. With a budget friendly price point of $35 – $250, these handmade designs are an earthy mix of semi precious and organic stones with a silver and gold fill. Inspired by Mother Nature, Blake’s designs are often created in shades of browns, blacks and greens making her pieces a must-have to achieve that posh bohemian look.


A native of Montreal, Quebec, Blake moved to New York City (like every other fashion wannabe), to pursue her dreams of becoming a jewelry designer.  Unlike many of her colleagues however, Blake didn’t have to spend time mastering the craft. As a self-taught artist Blake’s designs were already in high demand first, from family and friends and then from a slew of trendy downtown boutiques in NYC. Neunique currently has five collections: Cluster Collection, English Garden, Japanese Garden, Simply Smokey and Pearl Drop. All of which clearly depict her artistry and talent for producing beautiful pieces that are lightweight and affordable, even in this challenging economy. My favorites are the Contessa Earrings ($88), the Pearl Drop Necklace ($165) and the Cluster Rings in purple and brown ($75). If you want to get yourself some of these very lovely pieces try your luck at Roni and Add Accessories boutiques in NYC. After all there’s only one-way to truly be “nequnique” and this is it.  pearl-drops







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