Serena van der Woodsen’s Latest Accessory: Bryna Nicole


The scandalous lives of the ever popular cast of Gossip Girl is not the sole reason for the show’s huge success. It’s also the fabulous fashion trends that are revealed. The very latest arm candy seen on Blake Lively a.k.a Serena van der Woodsen shooting scenes for the upcoming season of the high school drama is none other than the gorgeous Loyola bag in violet by Bryna Nicole. As many of you know, I had the pleasure of interviewing Bryna a couple of weeks ago and am absolutely in love with her colorful trendy bags.  Don’t forget to get yourself your very own Loyola satchel that comes in a variety of colors such as Black Croco, Grey, Red patent, Chocolate, Cream and of course Violet! Come fall, you will undoubtedly be in style and ready for some hot romance like the lovely guys and gals of Gossip Girl.



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