Pixi Beauty Products: A Small Wonder

Pixi, an independent British beauty company created by three sisters: Petra, Sofia and Sara have a lot to live up to. Described as the “Estee Lauders of the future” and “unstoppable, like Charlie’s Angels, without the need for Charlie,” the sisters’ fairy-like products have definitely taken the beauty industry by storm.  Not just in England but even here in the US their range of make-up colors, scents and skin treatments have converted many into loyal fans, and rightfully so.






The great thing about Pixi is that the three sisters (Petra and Sara are makeup artists and Sofia is a skin therapist) are directly involved in the development of each and every product. That explains why their skin treatments, all of which are herbal and botanical based, are so refreshing and effective. Whether you are a blond, brunette or redhead, Pixi offers beautiful products suited for every need and more. It’s my job to let all of you know about another small wonder in the world of beauty.  Take a look for yourself and you’ll see why these sisters have no problem living up to the hype —their products really do make for a fairy tale ending.




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