Revamp Your Walls With WallPOPS

Are you moving into a new apartment or looking for ways to spice up your old one? If you are looking around at bare walls that are in desperate need of color, I have the perfect solution: WallPOPS.


An exciting form of wall art, WallPOPS is a versatile line of mix and match squares, dots (circles) and borders that can be used to decorate your walls in any fashion. Manufactured by Brewster Wallcovering company, WallPOPS come in 13 solid colors with creative names such as Lello Yellow, Purple Perk, Oh Pear and a variety of bold designs that include Lots of Dots, Go Retro, Heart of Hearts or Island Fusion that can be used to create a fun, trendy environment in any room. These designs can also be used to form headboards or frame posters or art on walls. Not only are WallPOPS fun, they are extremely easy to use — with a peel and stick method they are removable, washable, repositionable and re-usable — a complete value for your money. So there’s no reason to worry if you change your mind — they come down as easily as they go up! Plus, it’s a quick way to spruce up any space with a splash of color before a dinner party or a girls night in.


WallPOPS are great for any age or personality. They are a perfect fit for a dorm room, nursery, office space or even a bathroom. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the beautifully decorated rooms below. 



Now you no longer have to spend thousands of dollars to redecorate or have your walls painted. You can simply log on to the WallPOPS website and try out a variety of combinations before you make your choice.  Don’t be afraid to use your imagination — anyone can be a mini Thom Filicia with WallPOPS.



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