ModelCo — A Revolution In Beauty














An Australian cult phenomenon, ModelCo beauty products are simply wonderful — and one of a kind, (I should know because they are an inherent part of my beauty regiment.) There’s a product for every imaginable need so you no longer have to try a countless number of products to get a fraction of the results you desire.


After years of hearing models and stylists talk about their beauty needs at her previous job running a model agency, Shelley Barrett founded ModelCo with products women really want. In May 2002, ModelCo became an instant hit in their native Australia with the launch of LASH WAND, a heated eyelash curler that can make even the most hopeless eyelash situation vanish in an instant. Now sold in 5 continents, 27 countries and over 1000 stores that include locations in Paris, Dubai, UK, as well as Henri Bendel, BLISS Spas, Sephora and Victoria’s Secret in the US, ModelCo is quickly becoming a global sensation. It even has superstars such as Kylie Minogue, Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham, Kate Winslet, Uma Thurman, Jade Jagger and Keira Knightly relying on various products to solve their beauty problems.



ModelCo is not just a new kid on the block. Even after only 5 years in business, its 125 never been seen before products have catapulted the beauty company to immediate stardom. ModelCo’s products are innovative with proven results for issues faced by women everyday. Its creativity is not just in their signature ‘pink’ identity or the packaging but also in the modern dual-purpose technology often used to provide effective and quick solutions for all beauty problems.


So the next time you need to thicken your eyelashes, grow your eyebrows, get the perfect self tan or even get clearer skin within days, ModelCo is the answer. Affordable (all products under $100) and easy to use, ModelCo is the ultimate beauty guru for every woman’s future in beauty. It’s certainly made my life easier and now, hopefully yours as well!



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