Plover Organic: What Dreams Are Made Of

We always want the best things in life. Indulging ourselves with the latest in fashion, technology, entertainment and fine dining, we never think twice about spending on any of these luxuries. And now it’s time to spoil ourselves, yet again – this time, in the bedroom with some plush items from Plover Organic ­– an eco- conscious, stylish collection of colorful, mix and match pillows and bedding.


Plover Organic, named after an endangered shorebird, was brought to life by sisters-in-law Marisa Kula Mercer (wife of the Shin’s lead singer James Mercer) and Sheila Mulvihill. The entire line of quilts, duvets, pillowcases and shams are manufactured from 100% organic cotton and is printed, with established fair trade regulations, in India. The collection consists of fun, bold patterns – something different, very affordable ($48 – $330) and innovative for everyone, men, women and children alike than the regular plain colored linen we see everyday.  Something, you would need to have in your bedroom, not just because it’s pretty but also because you know it’s 100% pure and because it’ll allow you to sleep without a guilty conscience. After all, isn’t that what dreams are made of?



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