Designer Spotlight: Erica Dylan

The term “bag addict” is a good way to describe Erica Wallengren the designer of Erica Dylan handbags. Like many of us girls, Erica fell in love with vintage bags and is now the proud owner of hundreds, perhaps even more. One fine day, Erica discovered a vintage Chanel bag – a pivotal moment in every woman’s life (as it should be), that lead Erica to her true calling. With the Chanel and countless other vintage designs as inspiration, Erica began designing her very own vintage themed handbag collection that was launched in January 2007.


The most distinctive features in Erica’s bags are the soft leathers and elegant antique hardware pieces that adorn her wonderful creations. These bags are also lined with a variety of bengaline colors that varies from bag to bag, so it remains a surprise till you open one! The other good news for bag lovers as myself is that all of Erica’s bags retail between $150 – $700. So there’s no excuse not to have one!



Even without a prior design background, Erica’s collection gained a strong fan base from the very beginning and quickly became a household name in Los Angeles, where she is based. As many of you may agree, the most popular items in Erica’s Spring 2008 collection are the Olivia tote and the Rachel Python clutch. But my favorite, hands down, is the Jessica fold over clutch in purple patent and burgundy.

 I can’t wait to see what Erica has in store for us with her Fall 2008 collection! After all, Erica Dylan is definitely worth keeping an eye out for, I’m sure you agree.


2 responses to “Designer Spotlight: Erica Dylan

  1. Love Erica Dylan. Any suggestions as to where to find her product?

  2. fashionspotlight

    Yes. Take a look at her website to view a list of stores. Sorry if the link wasn’t working before but It’s definitely working now. Thanks 🙂

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