Graham Bunn Is Doing Something Right

Hey Ladies… remember him?



That’s right…it’s Graham Bunn – the southern bachelor who charmed his way into DeAnna’s heart on this season of The Bachelorette. Through out the season only Bunn’s good looks were highlighted (not that I am complaining), without much else and in the end he didn’t end up winning DeAnna’s heart. But he certainly won mine and not for that obvious reason!


Bunn, unlike countless other reality stars, is actually putting his new found reality fame to good use. He’s spreading the word about the Sunflower Children’s Foundation through donating a portion of proceeds from his new t-shirt line: 46 – enable, a clothing line Bunn developed in early 2007. Sunflower is a charity that focuses on supporting children around the world by providing educational, medical, nutritional and other humanitarian support. Now you too can contribute to this cause by purchasing your very own 46 t-shirt. They come in a variety of male and female sizes and it’s just $28 (includes free shipping). 



I bought my very own 46 t-shirt a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you…it’s super comfy and is definitely what a Friday night bowling outfit is made of.


There’s no better way to be fashionable than helping someone – and now you can look good while doing it!


Thanks DeAnna… your loss is our gain.




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