Designer Spotlight: Yasuko Azuma

Yasuko Azuma Jewelry is breathtakingly beautiful. After studying fashion design and working within the apparel industry in Sapporo Japan, Yasuko Azuma moved to New York City in 1994 to pursue her dream of becoming a jewelry designer. 


After continuing her studies at The Fashion Institute of Technology, Azuma founded Azul Design, Inc with Richard Ito to produce all her hand made pieces in 2003. The inspiration Azuma draws from nature is clearly visible in all her designs. This inherent beauty is what makes her designs so effortlessly unique. Azuma also combines colorful gemstones with techniques of Japanese metal workmanship to create some of the beautiful pieces we see today. Azuma’s collections, mostly in 18 karat gold, comprise of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.


 Her designs are delicate yet intricate and most definitely one of a kind. These designs are available in multiple locations through out the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and even in Dubai.  My eyes were instantly drawn to Azuma’s beautiful creations the minute I saw them – take a look at some of my favorite pieces below. Her careful workmanship and romantic detailing is clearly visible in each piece making the Yasuko Azuma Jewelry line classic and timeless.





To take a look at the entire collection and a list of available stores please visit:



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